Climate Change Mission Statement:   Bring Climate Justice Home!


We’re forming a cooperative co-living house in Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood, and we’d like to develop our new home with a collective focus on climate justice.  We’re painfully aware that our society’s institutions are paralyzed like deer in the headlights, and unless we the people act now we’ll be past the tipping point and it will be all downhill—and up temp—from there.

So what can one house of us do to help spark a global grassroots movement for climate survival?  Well, plenty.  People all over the world are waking up to the threat, but they’re pulling the covers back over their heads because they don’t see a path forward, only the rising seas.  But hey, we don’t have to learn to walk on water.  The stepping stones are all there waiting for us.  We have the technology and collective knowledge to move to a renewables-based carbon-neutral energy economy, and there is even a proven, demonstrated technology for taking all that excess CO2 out of the atmosphere, and sequestering it in the world’s soils; it’s called regenerative agriculture.

But there’s a lot of resistance we’ll need to overcome, to roll this movement along.  Profit and greed drive a formidable fossil fuel industry.  Our own addiction to a petroleum-fueled super-consumer lifestyle must be addressed, now.  Despite the climate-related problems already creeping into our lives, a collective vision and commitment for action just hasn’t come together…yet.

Here’s where we can come in.  We can create a living, local, neighborhood focus for climate change action.  Yes, the resources are mostly out there, but it’s time to bring them into the neighborhood, make it easier for people to wean themselves off their fossil fuel addiction.  Provide information and support for getting solar panels installed, model and teach energy conservation for big old drafty houses, put together a neighborhood seed bank.  Make it fun, with the culture of climate survival: music, art, theater, food.  Start a proliferation of carbon gardens, in the tradition of the WWII victory gardens.  Carbon gardens are a triple-winner: we can start taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, produce healthy local food (industrial agriculture produces 30% of greenhouse gas emissions), and foster solidarity and commitment to action.  And start organizing for the coming political struggle, within the system and in the streets!

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to bring climate action to the neighborhood level, and do it while living in a beautiful old Elmwood land trust house with a bunch of great people, email us at


-Jon, Marcie, Mindy, and Rose

Face it, we’re going to be a part of the problem for some time to come.  But we can start to be a part of the solution tomorrow.

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