We are forming a shared living / land trust ownership household

  • The house, located at 2839 Ashby Ave., is a grand old craftsman style home with a unique history of art, worthy work and social change. The lead organizer of the coop effort is its co-owner, Jon Katz.
    • Browse photos of the house here.
  • We’re an accepting community of people who support each other and do good in the world.We’re an accepting community of people who support each other and do good in the world
  • We’re a vibrant community hosting  house concerts and gallery showings for local artists
  • Our common areas also offer the opportunity for calm retreat – garden, patio, a deck with a beautiful view of the sunset and woods and hiking trails in easy walking distance.
  • We are 4 blocks walk to College Avenue with great restaurants, cafes, shops and movie theatre and near the transportation Rockridge BART, and freeways 24, 580, 80, 880

• We envision creating an informal community, with a mix of shared and private spaces and some shared meals and other group activities.

• We operate from a base of values that include transparency, honesty, democracy, and respect for people and the planet.

• We are working to create a secure, affordable alternative to conventional home ownership and renting.

• The house, located at 2839 Ashby Ave., is currently half owned by the lead organizer, Jon Katz


We are considering developing a house theme of

climate change action at the neighborhood level

Click here for Climate Justice Mission Statement



We are working with the Bay Area Community Land Trust and EBCOHO to create a non-profit structure to own and manage the house. The financial projections are very tight, but workable. Two large rooms with private baths rent for $1600 per month.  Six smaller rooms rent for $800 to $1150 per month, and these will have income limits of $50,150 per year.  We are also asking each resident to help with some limited additional fundraising.

We are now accepting resident applications. See below for more detailed information and an application form.  We are operating on a tight time frame, and we strongly suggest that anyone interested email us at info@2839ashby.com

Download Resident Application Here





About Jon Katz, lead organizer:JonKatz_2839AshbyAve_BerkeleyHouse
Jon spends much of his time in El Limon, Dominican Republic: a village of 85 hardscrabble farm families, a community-based non-profit, and him at the end of a dirt road. He works with many villages on participatory technology projects, particularly micro-hydro electrification, wireless internet access, and climate change. His housing experience includes the New York squatter movement of the 1970’s, various cooperative housing ventures, and a stint as a rather unconventional plumbing contractor. For Jon, the co-op would be a US fallback base, a way to maintain his sentimental, political, and artistic family connections with the house, and a platform for his climate justice work.

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